Andy Boudreau
Feb 9

Production Optics Rule Changes 2019


Edited: Feb 9


As the Production Optics division is becoming much more popular, I wanted to highlight and express changes within the division for 2019 which will help make shooters aware and decide if this is the division they wish to go into.

1. Electronic Optics – Whereas before it was not deemed and stipulated, the new rules clearly state that for the division, electronic optics MUST be used and is MANDATORY FOR THE DIVISION. It is highlighted in section D4a 14 ‘Only handguns listed as approved in the Production Division List on the IPSC website and fitted with an optical/electronic sight may be used in Production Optics or Production Optics Light Divisions.’. This is further identified in the divisional criteria

2. Aftermarket Springs and Trigger assemblies – These are now permitted in ALL Production Divisions and identified in 18.4. DPM Systems have posted on their website that their recoil reducing systems are now legal in the Production Divisions, this is false and they did not get permission from the world body to post this. It was stated by the Regional Director that this system is beyond a spring system in that it is a guide rod replacement, and therefore CANNOT be used in the Production Divisions unless it is specifically identified by the world body.

3. Trigger Pull – This has been changed due to the inclusion of trigger systems and springs in 18.4 above. Whereas before Double Action was limited to 5 lbs and nothing subsequent, this has now been changed to ‘The minimum trigger pull must either be 2.27kg (5lbs.) for the first shot fired and no restriction for subsequent shots fired, or 1.36kg (3lbs.) for every shot fired.’ . Keep in mind that the 3lbs for every shot fired is ONLY for those guns which do NOT have a double action first shot such as a striker fired pistol. Keep in mind that on a double action gun, there is no restriction on single action shots after the first double action shot.

4. Optical Mounting – Wording has been changed to allow iron sights to be used IN ADDITION to optical sights. This is known as co-witness. Section D4a 19. ‘Optical/electronic sights must be mounted on the upper rear of the slide either in addition to, or replacement of, the rear open sight.’

5. Changing Color/finish This is now permitted in ALL Production Divisions and can be found in 17.1 of Appendix D4a ‘Changing the original color and/or finish of a handgun, and/or adding stripes or other embellishments is permitted.’

6. Slide Milling – This is now permitted for Production Optics divisions and is found in Section D4a 18.2 ‘Aftermarket open and optical/electronic sights (see Rules and and mounting plates are permitted, provided their installation and/or adjustment requires no alteration to the handgun other than the milling of the slide in order to facilitate the installation of an optical/electronic sight.’

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